First Coast Auction & Realty, Inc. will be hosting the Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) Theatrical Lighting Auction on Saturday, March 7th, 2020, beginning at 11am at 11901 Beach Boulevard. Registration and preview will begin at 10am on auction day. There will be a 10% Buyer's Premium and 7% sales tax added to the price of all winning bids. If you possess a valid state tax exemption certificate, please supply it at registration unless you have one already on file with First Coast Auction. Payment must be made within one hour after the end of the auction and must be paid either in cash, cashier's check, personal check if accepted by auctioneer, or credit card (with 3% CC Fee added). If you have any questions, please contact First Coast Auction at (904) 219-7090.


Items in the aucrtion:



74 Total           PAR 64 Bodies           Mostly all in working condition sell in Lots of 10 – 12

188 Total         Colortran 5-50 Elipsoidal Reflector Spotlights. Mostly all working (only 18 not presently working, may just need lamps) Sell in Lots of 10 – 12 ordered by Lens Description as follows, a few spare lamps will be included with each lot.

52 @ 20 Degree

64 @ 30 Degree

66 @ 40 Degree

  6 @ 50 Degree


43                    Colortran 6” 1KW Fresnels (15 in good working condition, others may need slight repairs or lamps)

19                    Colortran 8” 2KW Fresnels (10 in good working condition, others may need slight repairs or lamps)


12                    Colorado 2 LED Wash Fixtures (All believed to be working at last use)


6                      14” Scoop Lights (3 known to be working)


8                      Mini Broad Wash Lights (6 known to be working)


2                      Selecon 45/75 Degree Zoom Fixtures, Botth good working condition, one needs lamp.


10                    3 Cell Cyc Lights, (All working at last use)


4                      ETC Source 4 PAR Fixtures (All working at last use, some lenses included)


10                    Rosco Image Pro Projectors,


12                    Wybron 10” Color Scrollers with 2 Power Heads (Sell as one Lot)


4                      High End Intellibeam Fixtures, in cases of 2 Ea.  110 Volt (Condition unknown, thought to be working at last use)


6                      CyberLights in individual Road Cases, 220 Volt (All in working condition at last use)


6                      Martin MAC 600 NT Moving Wash Fixtures (Presently wired for 220 volts, but can be easily converted to 110) Sold in Pairs in touring cases. (All in working condition at last use, 4 are not yet approved for this sale, but hoping they will be.

6                      Martin MAC 55o Moving Profile Fixtures     (Dual Voltage Self Senseing, 4 in good working condition at last use, 1 with bad ballast, and one other with OverTemp error). 4 are not as of yet approved for this sale)


1                      ETC Emphasis Server with Expression console (In working condition at last use). Not yet approved for sale at this time.


1                      ETC Insight Control Console (In working condition at last use) Not yet approved for this sale


1                      ETC Microvision Console


  1. Soundcraft Venue Theatre 32 Channel Audio Mixing Console


1                      Soundcraft Venue Theatre 24 Channel Audio Mixing Console


  1. Soundcraft Power Amplifiers


  1. Tascam Reel to Reel Tape Decks with Auto Cue Stop


  1. NEC NP3150 Video Projector (awaiting approval for sale)


2                      EIKI Multimedia Video Projectors (awaiting approval for sale)


Bulk                70 foot Lengths of 6 circuit Copper Stranded Multi Cable, Female Veam Connector on one end, Bare wire on the other.


Bulk                Assorted Lengths 6 circuit Multi Cable M/F Veam Connectors


Bulk                6 Circuit Fan Out Male Veam to 6 Female 2P&G


Bulk                Assorted Lengths of 12/3 SO power cables 2P&G connectors


Some items may be added or removed prior to the auction.