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Coming to a computer near you, First Coast Auction, Inc. will be holding an online auction for the FSCJ Aviation Department. The auction time is not set yet, but we will update this site once a date and time is set and we will have a registration link posted so you can bid on some fantastic items.


Items in the auction will include a 1986a 1977 Chrysler 225 Northeastern Motor Co. towing tractor 5300GVW Mod# JG40pt-15, a Stewart & Stevenson Aircraft Tug, MOD GT1628-106, a 1985 Hobart 90G20 AC Ground Power Unit, and a 90KVA AC GPU; 400 Hz; 115/200V AC; John Deere 6059TL Dieserl; Type 4-7IN.


The link to register and the date and duration of the auction will be posted ASAP. For further information, call (904) 219-7090.